These titles have already been published
Byron - Venice by Anne Amison, in English
A new account of Lord Byron's time in Venice from 1816 and until he left Ravenna in 1821. A wonderful read and a great companion for the visitor who wishes to follow in Byron's footsteps.
With much original research, 207 pages

Venezia e' una regata, dal Giorgio & Maurizio Crovato, in ITALIAN.
Una guida alle feste della voga alla veneta.

"The Abandoned Islands of the Venetian Lagoon" (Le isole abbandonate della laguna veneziana) In English & Italian
Authors - Giorgio & Maurizio Crovato

"...this evocative and useful study has been revised and republished with an Italian-English parallel text, seventy-five balck-and-white photographs, seventeen in colour showing the current state of the main islands, and thirty-five reproductions of engravings and historical extracts from various periods" The Times Literary Supplement.

"For the Sheer Hell of Living", poetry by Michael Glover.

"Sad, wry and humourous poems assembled from fragments of seeing, thinking and reading. The first book-length collection of poetry in more than a decade from one of arts and literature reviewers" The Economist.

Five Poets:Old World Books poetry pamphlets

First Series

1. Michael Glover - A Faint Dusting of Blue Hair
2. Philip Morre - Five Poems
3. Alan Jones - Roadside Observations
4. Jennifer Maier - What It's Like
5. Monica Pavani - Angeli Muti

Second Series

6. Patrick McGuinness - Montr?al
7. Danni Antonello - Storia Moderna
9. Crispin Elsted - Five Poems from 'A Pastoral Catalogue'
10. Janet Fisher - Chopsticks
11. Marius Kociejowski - Sparrows

Third Series

12. Claudio Grisancich - Hic et Nunc
13. John Fuller - Five New Poems
14. Jason Heroux - Black Coffee
15. Moira Egan - Bar-Napkin Sonnets

Special Numbers

8. Guy Goffette - Pavots
16. Severino Bacchin, Alessandro Berton, Jason Heroux, Alan Jones,
Philip Morre, Enrico Palandri
- Campionario, a Sampler for
National Poetry Day 2008