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MICHAEL GLOVER, responsible for both our first pamphlet, 'A Faint Dusting of Blue Hair', in far-off 2006, and our first book, 'For the Sheer Hell of Living' (2008) has just burst into song again, this time from a publishing imprint nearer home, Savage Poets Collective, based in his native Sheffield. Details of his new book, 'Only So Much', can be seen at:

The same publisher, ACM Retro, has also just released a memoir of his Yorkshire childhood, "Headlong into Pennilessness" (

Michael is a poet and art critic for the Independent who was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire and studied at Queens' College, Cambridge. He has been a regular contributor on literature and the visual arts to The Economist, The Financial Times and The Times. He is also a London correspondent for ArtNews, New York, and founding editor of The Bow Wow Shop, an online international poetry magazine.

His next projects for San Marco Press, due in 2013, will be a guide to some of the world's greatest paintings, based on his well-known Friday features in The Independent, followed soon after by "After the Salad", his new collection of poetry.

SAN MARCO POETS ON THE VAPORETTO. Filmgoers battling with steatopygous tourists on crowded Venetian public transport can be cheered by 'Poesie sul Vaporetto', a straight pinch from Judith Chernaik's 20-year-old London brilliant-wheeze 'Poems on the Underground'. The first batch of twenty included SMP's Patrick McGuinness (Montréal – OWB Booklet n.6), and the next round is set to include both Janet Fisher (Chopsticks – OWB Booklet n.10) and Jason Heroux (Black Coffee – OWB Booklet n.14). San Marco knows 'ow to pick 'em

PATRICK McGUINNESS has his first novel 'The Last 100 Days' (Seren) longlisted for the 2011 Man Booker Prize. Current Ladbrokes odds are 14/1 – on the generous side, says our man with his ear to the tannoy.