Happy 1816

Jan 1 | MiLord's Log

1816 – exactly two hundred years ago this year – was a significant year for Lord Byron. His marriage, contracted just one short year earlier, on 2nd January 1815, crumbled into dust. His wife left him, taking his one month-old daughter with her: he would never see either of them again. He was bankrupt, with bailiffs sitting in the kitchen of his home at 13 Piccadilly Terrace, London.

And so he decided to leave England and resume his travels. April found him in Belgium, whilst he spent the summer on Lake Geneva. In the autumn he set out for Italy. On 10th November 1816 Lord Byron arrived in Venice……

MiLord’s Log plans to follow Milord as he travels across Europe. Along his route there will be eccentric doctors, Romantic poets, countless ladies, chambermaids and draper’s wives. Byron will visit Waterloo less than a year after the Battle; he will host an evening in Geneva leading to the creation of horror’s two most celebrated characters; he will – inevitably – fall in love.

We hope you will join us on our journey: Happy New Year!