The Venetian Safari: A unique addition to the San Marco family

Dec 12 | Announcing

Sono arrivati! San Marco Press is delighted to announce two new Venice sister publications, this time for kids!

The VENETIAN SAFARI, and its Italian sister, Lo ZOO SCOLPITO, are hot off the San Marco presses, just in time for Christmas. 

Author ANNA BELLANI began this book as a project for her grandchildren to discover the many animals sculpted all over the city when they come to visit. The result is a compendium of four enchanting walks throughout Venice for big and small!

Kids' activity book for Venice

Each intriguing walk lasts about one hour and are well-indicated with colorful maps and directions that lead you to every sort of animal you can imagine, while introducing you to corners of the city you would never visit on your own. They are as fun for kids as they are fascinating for the adults that accompany them!

Order your copy from our site, or find them in Venice at any of the bookshops listed in the footer below.

We’ll have the epub shortly as well!