Pietà & Linhas de Wellington

Sep 4 | Venice Film Festival

Pietà by South Korean Kim Ki-duk. A powerful film, well made about an enforcer of loans to small workshops in Seoul. Many twists of the tale, but it really prompts the question, like the Japanese gangster film – how many limbs do you need to see being cut off to get the point that the guy is violent, 1/3/6? Both these films were popular, especially with a younger group, say 25/40. Good but not enjoyable. Amazingly the director says that it cost only $100,000!!
Rating: 7/10

Linhas de Wellington by Portugese Valeria Sarmiento, the story of Marshall Massena’s invasion of Spain & Portugal in 1811 & the successful defence by the Portugese & British by Wellington. A long historical story, well made, John Malcovich as the Iron Duke who gives the recipe for Beef Wellington during it.
Rating: 8/10.