Abandoned Islands of the Venetian Lagoon

Jun 15 | Publications

The state of the islands throughout the lagoon from 1978 to today.

“…this evocative and useful study has been revised and republished with an Italian-English parallel text, seventy-five balck-and-white photographs, seventeen in colour showing the current state of the main islands, and thirty-five reproductions of engravings and historical extracts from various periods”

—The Times Literary Supplement

Cover - Abandoned Islands of the Venetian Lagoon

From the preface:

“From the sixteenth century onwards, justified by theoretical and scientific studies from such authoritative hydraulic engineers as Cristoforo Sabbadino and Avise Cornaro projects of Pharaonic scope were undertaken for the defence of the lagoon.

Their ultimate aim was always the safeguarding of Venice as a port. The Brenta, Bacchiglione, Piave and Sile rivers were all diverted elsewhere to forestall the continued silting-up of the lagoon environment”

This bi-lingual book (English & Italian) illustrates the growth and decay of many of the islands of the lagoon, it makes for a fascinating read.