Ja Tozhe Hochu, Passion & Un Giorno Speciale

Sep 7 | Venice Film Festival

Ja Tozhe Hochu (Me Too) by Russian Alexej Balabanov. Very dark Russian story, most people were trying to work it out afterwards. At one point again caught up on some sleep.
Rating: 6/10

Passion by Brian De Palma, another US biggie, reckon it’s a strong contender, gripping story set in Berlin & bit in London. Has it all – tense thriller, sex & violence – but not in Far Eastern doses. The man himself is of Hitchcock dimensions, second illusion to him in these emails.
Rating: 9/10.

Un Giorno Speciale, A Special Day, by Francesca Comencini, Italian so a home game. Strong response from the audience, initially felt it was a bit light, but the final twist was eerily current. A young attractive cast.
Rating: 7/10.

After 21 films of every genre I can you that it’s great, well worth a vacation just for the festival, Venice is thrown in for free.

Probably one of the US biggies will win – At Any Price, The Master, To the Wonder, or Passion. Italian biggie Bella Addormentata. Outsiders – Betrayal, Paradise, E stato il figlio, Apres Mai, Pieta, Thy Womb.

I hope for Passion or E stato il figlio.