Sinapupunan, Thy Womb & The Company You Keep

Sep 6 | Venice Film Festival

Sinapupunan, Thy Womb, by Phillipine director Brillante Mendoza, a gentle & touching story of a wife willing to let her husband marry a younger woman in order to have a child. Seems simple but as it is set in one of the few Muslim island communities in an otherwise Christian country makes it even more impact. Beautiful images. The women were the most beautiful I’ve seen of all the actresses. Photo attached.
Rating: 8/10.

The Company You Keep. Robert Redford’s new film, not in the competition. A great Redford thriller, he’s on the run (Day of the Condor?) having been a member of the Weathermen “terrorists” in the Vietnam war period. Terrorist has a completely different image nowadays. Enjoyed it. Watch out for Julie Christie, I didn’t realise it was her until the credits! Photo attached, must be one of the few actors not to use botox, brave man.
Rating: 9/10.